SOA Governanceのトレーニングコース

SOA Governanceのトレーニングコース

講師が主催するSOAガバナンストレーニングのコース日本 。

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SOA Governanceコース概要

14 時間
Governance Framework

A Services Oriented Architecture governance program doesn't make operational decisions. SOA governance sets policies by deciding what decisions must be made, who should make them and how to make them. In a shared services environment like an enterprise SOA, no governance or dysfunctional governance, or even a bad governance policy, can have severe and negative impacts across the enterprise. This two-day workshop shows you how to do SOA right. You will learn how to design, build and operate an effective governance framework for creating, communicating and enforcing corporate web service policies throughout the enterprise SOA.

SOA Policies

The workshop focuses on showing you how to create the processes and policies that establish and manage shared web services. As organizations start to employ web services via an enterprise SOA, they move from "silo to shared." Ownership of the underlying business process transfers from a single business area and "externalizes" into an enterprise responsibility. SOA governance directs and coordinates the processes needed to accept and exercise the responsibility for shared Web Services on behalf of all the stake-holders.
21 時間
During this course, we give an overview of SOA and SOA Governance. You will gain insight into the added value of using service contracts as part of your development process.

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