CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture)のトレーニングコース

CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture)のトレーニングコース

日本ライブCUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture)トレーニングコース。



CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture)コース概要

14 時間
CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) is a parallel computing platform and API created by Nvidia.

This instructor-led, live training (online or onsite) is aimed at developers who wish to use CUDA to build Python applications that run in parallel on NVIDIA GPUs.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

- Use the Numba compiler to accelerate Python applications running on NVIDIA GPUs.
- Create, compile and launch custom CUDA kernels.
- Manage GPU memory.
- Convert a CPU based application into a GPU-accelerated application.

Format of the Course

- Interactive lecture and discussion.
- Lots of exercises and practice.
- Hands-on implementation in a live-lab environment.

Course Customization Options

- To request a customized training for this course, please contact us to arrange.

今後のCUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture)コース

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